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What about me?
:) I'm almost 13 years old and I live in the United States. I am not comfortable with telling you which state, but I will say that it is close to Indiana. Which narrows it down to about seven.
I'm not the coolest person but I'm not the bigest loser! :) Everyone is cool, except my brother. (Brothers are a pain, right!?) I am so totally tired right now.
I'd like to say hello to all the people who are probably going to be visiting:
Luke, Bekkie, Scott, Adam, Orphio, Matt, Jason, Maddie, Amy, Daisey, Sam, Ashlee, Tiffany, Danelle, Jennifer, Jennifer2, Michela, Amanda, Ashley, Don, Sarah, Leah, Sherry, Rebekkah, Micah, Noah, Amber, Brittany, Ben, Megan, MIchael, Josh, Bryan, Tara, Kyle, Vanessa, Renee', Brondielle, Ebony, Heather, Charlene, Chris, Shawn, Nikki, Desiree, Destiny, Bethany, Paul, Michelle, John, Traci, Donny, and Annie.
Surfing the web, computer, talking, shopping, writing, drawing, singing, listen to the radio, getting money, vacations, luke, friend, money, more money, parties, laughing, anyone fun, getting e-mail, sending cards, money (again), reading (sometimes), and sucking up.
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